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Weekend (2011)

Subtle, moving and beautiful. Weekend works so well because it knows its limitations and boundries and works within them. The interplay between Russell and Glen is real and true and never condescends or sensationalises their situation.

Highly recommended.

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Solaris (1972)

Andrei Tarkovsky is a director that I find fascinating and a little frustrating at the same time. I never entirely follow the plot and narrative of his films. This, I would like to think, is less due to my intelligence but because of the hypnotic way his films are presented and edited. His work is lucid and it is easier to feel the movie more than connect with it. I would have to say Solaris is my least favourite Tarkovsky but this is more of a compliment to him than criticism of this film.

The Town (2010)

Proof that Gone wasn't a fluke. Affleck steps up for a film bigger in scope, action and excitement and only loses a little of the intimacy of his previous effort. Obviously as his career progresses we shall see if he can keep it up but through hiring Elswit and Tichenor, Affleck has assembled his own killer team and their technical achievement here is outstanding. So too is the acting, from Affleck's wounded masculinity to Jeremy Renner's explosive charisma and Jon Hamm's determined detective,

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

Having never read John Steinbeck's classic novel or seen this film before this year I can honestly now say I feel ashamed. This is an incredibly important and inspirational piece of work. Tough and heartbreaking but occassionally uplifting, John Ford's OSCAR winner boasts a great cast lead sensitively by Henry Fonda in what could be the actor's greatest performance.

The Draughtsman's Contract (1982)

Although I appreciate the film does subvert the grand tradition of British period filmmaking, I found nothing enjoyable or interesting here. The film meanders from conversation to proposition, giving us little of character or worth.